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Tree carving in our front yard.

So, book 2 is finally out. I have had long gaps in creative energy during the time of trying to get the 2nd book out, and it feels so good to have it completed to share. I hope that I have done the story well for all of you. There is one more on the way, and I am working hard to get it out to you in 2020. Please be sure to let me know what you think!

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

So Much To Be Thankful For

President Roosevelt formed the CCC to help bring the country out of the depression. I have since read disputes as to whether this contributed to the country's recovery or not. I can imagine though that the work it provided gave a certain sense of accomplishment to more than most who participated. I often think about all that these people did to provide us with such beautiful parks and natural habitat to lose ourselves in after a hectic week of work. I whisper a silent thank you every time we visit a park or drive the Blue Ridge Parkway marveling at some of the bridges and other construction they performed. We were actually on the Parkway today, and this is what made me think of doing this post. We were at a very popular stop on the parkway with beautiful scenery and historical significance. Yet, as we walked the grounds I was so sad to see how much was falling into disrepair. So sad to think how President Roosevelt's efforts for conservation are sometimes seen as a land grab by the government getting in the way of people's progress and profit. I hope this is a short-lived trend.

Fairystone State Park is one of these beautiful places I couldn't imagine not being able to visit. It is run and maintained by the State of Virginia. It is a tribute to those in the CCC who built this state park for future generations to see. The park opened in 1936, and it continues to be a place for recreation, conservation, and learning. What a beautiful setting for Wings of Time: Breaking Darkness. Thank you CCC.

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Wings of Time: Breaking Darkness has been out now for six months! What a grand adventure this has been. Being Indie means just about all things independent. I did choose to work with a publisher, and I found a wonderful publishing house, SDC Publishing, to work with. Otherwise, aside from the creative endeavors, I am (still) learning the business and promotion sides of this grand adventure. I also have been very fortunate to be accepted by Book No Further to have my first published work on their shelves. They are located at 112 Market Street SW in Roanoke, Virginia, and an incredible place to go and get lost in a story or find a factual work to read. My book is also available on Amazon.com!

My goal was to publish, and it has happened while growing into so much more. I cannot believe all the wonderful people I have met. Angela Hill, a reporter from The Franklin News-Post, recently wrote a phenomenal article about my book. I had no idea she was going to so thoroughly cover my background and inspiration for writing. It told the whole story, and I am grateful to her. The generosity of other authors is also an amazing aspect of writing. On Facebook, blogs, websites, course offerings, and just helpful in-person advice. One such person for me has been Jane Fenton, a fellow Indie Author and Publisher. She has given me wonderful advice on advertising and promotion. Thank you, Jane.

The last of this update is to tell you book two, Secrets of Time: Finding Light, is at the editor. I am anxiously awaiting its return in the next few months. Depending on the extent of my rewrites (and level of depression/inspiration this can inspire and impact rewrite duration), I am hoping for a late summer/early fall 2019 publication. This should catch everyone up. I want to thank you for being a part of this grand adventure.