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SD Barron

SD Barron lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia with her family, including a feisty dog, grumpy cat, and two geriatric horses. Creative endeavors energize her, and her first book, Wings of Time: Breaking Darkness, was set to paper during a challenging time. The character conversations that helped develop the story were and continue to create a wonderful commotion in her life. She is awed by the beauty and raw splendor of nature, and she spends as much time in its midst as possible. She deeply appreciates a good story that consumes her waking moments, and hopes to give a similar experience to her readers

Amber Heart Creations, LLC

Published work:
Wings of Time: Breaking Darkness
Secrets of Time: Finding Light
Threads of Time: Untying Fate

Planned work:
The Between

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