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Wings of Time: Breaking Darkness

       Eighteen-year-old Hallie O'Meara takes her first solo adventure to start a job the summer before starting college. Although the trip from her home on Virginia's Eastern Shore to its Blue Ridge Mountains is one she has taken many times with the two aunts who raised her, this new journey takes her on an adventure of unimagined dimensions. After she crosses paths with a mysterious, and somewhat menacing couple along the way, memories of a favorite childhood story are triggered. The tale of a dark witch and Williamsburg colonial man seeps from her mind's eye into her reality. The significance of this three-hundred-year-old story does not come to light until she meets the enigmatic Liam White at the home of a family friend where Hallie is staying for the summer. Past and present lives collide as Hallie and Liam wade through a convolution of moonshining, bootlegging, corruption, and prejudice while discovering not only the mysteries of Hallie's life, but of Liam's as well.














Secrets of Time: Finding Light

       Billy White has been harvested from his 1928 Fayerdale life, but he manages to win his escape from his underworld existence in Tartarus finding himself in 1958 Ferrum, Virginia where yesterday's memories are now decades ago. His new identity is Will White, and he is haunted by the memories of a beautiful young woman (Hallie O'Meara) from his most recent life in Fayerdale. It is not until a chance meeting with her that he fully recalls who she is. The problem is, Hallie has lost her memory, and Will must find a way to not only help her remember but discover how she ended up in 1958 instead of back to her own time in 2018.

       The blue jay feather, which foretells another harvest is looming during each life, has a black ribbon tied to its quill. Death. The same color ribbon that presented itself during a previous life where Will's cousin, Daniel Issacs White, and a good friend, Elias Elliott, were torn from the Circle of Souls by a Death of Death. And, death surrounds them in Ferrum where a serial killer is murdering young women. How is it connected to the Circle of Souls?

       The race is on for Will to unite with Hallie, reveal the meaning behind the black ribbon, and get closer to defeating the nefarious Demon King in order to win his freedom along with those in the Circle of Souls. Throughout this second book in the Wings of Time trilogy, readers will gain insights to the mysterious lives led by Will White and Hallie O'Meara while their love continues to flourish
















Threads of Time: Untying Fate

       The Circle of Souls is finally reunited, and each soul's memory is intact in the mundane world with help through an alliance with a new power circle, The Circle of Guardians. Witches. It is much to the chagrin of Liam White, the central force within the Circle of Souls, whose tormented existence began three centuries ago with a witch's vengeful curse condemning him to enslavement by the nefarious Demon king. He has lived and died many times in order to provide the Demon King a bridge to the mundane plain for the collection of human souls and trinkets. Amazingly, in this current life, Liam has found love with Hallie O'Meara. They met when she came to stay the summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains to work at Fairy Stone State Park. It is a new reluctant love, and at the same time, an ageless love that has been missed and yearned for over an eternity.

       Liam does not understand this tumultuous feeling until Hallie disappears without warning. His memories show her falling through time into some of his past lives. She is seemingly beckoned to them by magical keys that have the power to form a life altering amulet, the Trinity Amulet. An amulet somehow connected to both Hallie and Liam. His most recent memories show that she has landed in his original life before his curse was evoked. He quickly realizes that it is not another key beckoning her, but a confrontation with the Demon King that may lead to preventing the curse and erasing all future lives for him and the Circle of Souls. Despite the torment they have all endured, it is unanimous that they do not want the threads of time untying the fate that led them to where they are now. A time where each has found a place and a hope to live the lives they want.

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