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Fairy Stone Magic

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The Legend of the Fairy Stone

              It is said that long, long, ago fairies inhabited a certain quiet and remote region in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The fairies roamed freely, enjoying the beauty and serenity of that enchanted place.

              One day, the fairies were playing in a sunny glade when an elfin messenger arrived from a far away city bearing the sad news of Christ’s death. When they heard the terrible details of the crucifixion, they wept. As their tears fell to the earth, they crystallized into little stone crosses. Though the fairies have long since disappeared, the little stone crosses, known as “fairy stones,” still remain as mementos in that enchanted spot. (Legend also from the website). What a wonderful page to visit and read.

For Hallie, the Maltese cross with it's garnet center that she found is a mysterious key with potential to unlock a pathway to a new existence. The angel songs speaks of keys though. Is there more to be discovered? Of course there is! It is a trilogy after all. Secrets of Time: Finding Light (book two) will help solve the mystery.

The threat draws near.

Beware! Cleave its course by clinging to the hope that whispers near the

edge of darkness—at the border of new lovers’ hearts.

Allow hope to gently stir memories from forgotten lives.

Hold onto lost keys while unlocking the path meant to entwine two lives

forever setting free more than the pair.

It is a course not to be interrupted by a fate endured

beyond unimaginable time.

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