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From the Heart

It was a heart transplant that put time on my hands to create my trilogy, Wings of Time. Time sitting and waiting and hoping. A heart transplant for the person who held my heart. And even before this event, I have always been fascinated with heart symbolism. Hearts in nature. Hearts by happenstance. Hearts in architecture. Art. Literature. Joy. And sadness. Seeing such an image always makes me take pause. Don't know why. I just do.

It's no wonder that a heart fell into my story. I did not plan it, it just came to be. With the story development the amber heart's importance grew. For Hallie, it holds a sense of home, warmth and comfort when she is alone and unsure. Formed from the Tree of Life's sap, it protects a bit of feather from Hester's wings when they were still white and pure and before her fall. Because of this, it connects Hallie to worlds beyond her imagination while preserving memories and hope for a future that may be somewhere in the past.

Although biology tells us there is a heart-mind connection, the direction of influence depends on the person and circumstance. With tomorrow's holiday that celebrates the heart, I hope your Valentine's Day, whether you share it with someone or radiate with your own self-love, will be the day you want it to be.

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