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Patience & Knowing

How many times are we told to be patient during our lifetimes? It can be hard. Part of what helps me maintain patience is having faith that I will know when the time is right to move forward. Even with this forward motion, patience remains the mainstay because many of our greater endeavors take time to reach its goal even after actions are set in motion.

Being in the right frame of mind is so important with creative endeavors whether it is writing, art, pottery, gardening, or any of that. For me, my heart has to be there motivating the effort. Sometimes though, a goal (as I blogged about not to long ago) can spark energy that has been lacking and recruit the heart to pitch in. I don't know if that works for everyone, but it does work for me.

I so hesitate to lay out a map or plan in any way for anyone but me. When I first started writing (or maybe when I first came back to it--I used to write all the time as a kid and regret not keeping that work), I did it for both distraction and fun. When I first thought about sharing my story, I realized I had so much to learn about so many things. I read about plotting and outlining and strategies to get a story onto paper. How to market and track progress while engaging with others. All so overwhelming for me but not everyone. Some get so deep into it all and get fantastic results.

Not me. In the process of learning all...that, I learned I am a "pantser". I write by the seat of my pants. No outline. I have a plot and a vision, but they are in my head. I do write down some notes and images, but then, as the characters come to life, I let them take over and tell their story. So many conversations and possibilities stir inside my head. Sometimes it take days to mull it over before sitting down to my laptop to write. It is fun. It is energizing. And it is so me. The introvert who revels in solitude and peace most of the time.

I don't know what you wait for or where your patience lays, but you do. And that's what matters. Here's to finding our joy, the patience to allow it to arrive, and the knowing when it's here.

The Between is a parallel novel to The Wings of Time trilogy that has been screaming (inside my head) to be written. I set a few goals earlier this year to help me focus on my writing. I have achieved 4474 words on the page (or screen as it is), and they feel right. They have been fun. And I hope to share them soon enough. Only about 90 to a 100k to go!


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